Cantobella Voice Studio

Learn to Sing

Imagine captivating an audience with your beautiful voice.  You always wanted to sing and did not know how to achieve your dream.  Discover the technique that allows you to achieve your dream.  Work with teachers and coaches who have your success in mind as they work with you.  Many students find even in the very first session they gain understanding about how their voices really work and can hear and feel the difference. 

The voice instructors at Cantobella Voice Studio can help you achieve your vocal goals.  Students ranging in experience from amateur chorister through professional soloist, can learn to sing to the best of your ability.  Beautiful singing depends on learning a good vocal technique that allows you to sing smoothly. 

Cantobella Voice Studio teaches old world vocal technique as learned from the world-class coloratura Marilyn Cotlow. This technique enables the student to learn control over their whole vocal range, allowing the best use of their voice.

Who are the instructors?

Dr. Stephen Brown received his doctorate in Vocal Accompanying from Catholic University in 1997. He has trained as a singer with Marilyn Cotlow. He enjoys working with singers, both as a voice teacher and a voice coach or accompanist partner in concerts.

Marje Palmieri apprenticed with Marilyn Cotlow both as a singer and as a teacher.  She has performed in the Washington, DC area in many operatic and recital presentations. 

Whether you're auditioning, performing or afraid of a note that is "terrifying because it's too high (or too low) "--- We guarantee you'll develop a method that makes sense to you while you become a better singer --- no matter what style of music you want to sing.

Classical vocal study can even improve your speaking voice, leading to improved self-esteem.

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