Reviewed by Lynne Price

This past Friday night, an enthusiastic audience in Washington, DC
was treated to an evening of French opera, with selections by Meyerbeer,
Thomas, Bizet, Massenet, Gounod, and Halevy, as performed by solo members
of the Opera Camerata of Washington. Maestro Micaele Micaele Sparacino
served as the master of ceremonies and Dr. Stephen Brown served as the

Marje Palmieri, soprano
Susan Sevier, contralto
Daniel Snyder, tenor
Eugene Galvin, bass
Antonio Giuliano and Antonio Torchia, tenors

"O Paradis" (Meyerbeer--L'Africaine), Mr. Snyder
"De son coueur" (Thomas--Mignon), Mr. Galvin
"Ah! Mon fils, soi beni!" (Meyerbeer--Le Prophete), Ms. Sevier
"O Souverain, O Juge, O Pere" (Massenet--Le Cid), Mr. Torchia
"Je dis que rien m'epouvante" (Bizet--Carmen), Ms. Palmieri
"Rachel, quand du Seigneur" (Halevy--La Juive), Mr. Giuliano

"Salut, demeure chaste et pure" (Gounod--Faust), Mr. Giuliano
"Donnez, donnez" (Le Prophete), Ms. Sevier
"Nonnes qui reposez" (Meyerbeer--Robert le Diable), Mr. Galvin
"Robert, toi que j'aime" (Robert le Diable), Ms. Palmieri

from Les Huguenots

"Plus blanche que la blanche hermine", Mr. Snyder
"Non, vous n'avez jamais", Ms. Sevier
"O beau pays de la Touraine", Ms. Palmieri
"Piff, paff", Mr. Galvin

Duo: "Beaute divine enchantresse", Ms. Palmieri and Mr. Snyder

Trio from Dinorah, Ms. Palmieri, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Galvin

As an aficianado of French opera, and especially of Meyerbeer, I
was thrilled to have the opportunity to see and hear some of my favorites
performed live. And this performance did not disappoint. Both Mr. Snyder
and Mr. Galvin gave polished and accomplished renditions of their arias in
bright and sparkling French. Ms. Palmieri has a huge voice which totally
filled the intimate auditorium in DC's Jewish Community Center. I adore
Marguerite de Valois's gorgeous "O beau pays de la Touraine", an aria
which is so identified with Joan Sutherland, and Ms. Palmieri certainly
did a fine job. Both Messrs. Giuliano and Torchia performed well in their
respective arias, especially Mr. Giuiliano. His lyric tenor served both
the Halevy and Gounod well, and I'd like to hear more. And I'd REALLY
like to see more of both Dan Snyder and Gene Galvin, both of whom sang so
expressively and with great style.

Lynne Price, April 8, 2000